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JT Townsend is a True Crime Historian, freelance writer and lifelong resident of Cincinnati. Formerly with Snitch Magazine, JT’s work has appeared in the Cincinnati EnquirerCincinnati MagazineWord Magazine, and Clews. In addition, he appeared in the 2008 British documentary, Conversations With a Serial Killer.

JT’s first book, Queen City Gothic, was a regional best-seller showcasing 13 of Cincinnati’s most gripping, unsolved cold cases.  His new book, Queen City Notorious, features Cincinnati’s most scandalous gothic murders.  On sale now!


Queen City Gothic is available for purchase now at Author House.

Blog of the Day

An Astrologer Looks at Lizzie Borden

4th Dec 2013 Wednesday

This information is taken from the book “The Astrologer Looks at Murder” by Barbara Watters (1969).  I was skeptical, but it has a chapter on Lizzie.  Ms. Watters was the “leading astrological consultant in the nation’s capitol”, plus she lived in … Continue reading

Latest Discussion
  • There is something sinister at the heart of these murders.  Questions abound.  Why will no one go on the record about a brutal triple homicide?

  • Boston Strangler
    2nd Dec, 2012

    DNA evidence has already eliminated Albert DeSalvo as the killer of two of the victims.  Did the Boston Strangler really exist, or was this a series of unrelated murders investigated by a serial killer task force?

  • Lindbergh Kidnapping
    9th May, 2012

    Evidence that sent Bruno Richard Hauptmann to the electric chair has proven to be bogus and contrived – except for the ransom money stashed in his garage. So who invaded the Lindbergh estate, kidnapped a child, and then killed it?


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